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How Singing Bowl Works?

Tune Your Mind | Heal Your Body

Close on palm of your hand and heart, singing bowl creates its sound and sound-vibration to create a unique resonance in all of your senses. 

Holding the bowl, feeling its  texture, striking the bowl with wooden leather mallet and closing your eyes, listening to its sound reset you to think about a present moment. 

When you are playing singing bowl, you feel vibration on your hand that leads to a resonance things that creates reverberation, positive energy.

That's where the below video will help you to understand about Singing bowl and how it works to restore your balance and find your centre through sound of singing bowl.

Dream a Little dream

What is Singing Bowl?

Magic & Mystery Himalayan Instrument

Singing Bowl is a pure & simple type of bell that creates rich, warm, deep, vibrant & holistic sounds which helps you to clear your Mind and start new Positive Habits.

It is made by seven different alloy such as copper, tin, lead, iron, Mercure, gold and silver. There are many different types of singing bowls used in yoga, music therapy, sound healing and religious rituals. Through history we would say BUDDHA is the first user of Singing Bowl in Earth. 

Singing bowl, is also known as Himalayan Bowls, used to play in Buddhist traditions to signal beginning and ending of silent meditation cycles whereas Tibetan Bowls emit every pure tones , close to sine waves.   They penetrate to create a UNIQUE resonance and reset you to think about a present moment. 

With the Sound of Singing Bowl, it will help you work more orderly tuning your MIND, BODY and SOUL together. 

Top 10 Benefits of Singing Bowl

Tune Your Mind | Heal Your Body

  • Balance the Body’s Energy System

  • Boost Overall Health & Well-being

  • Healing practices in Meditation, Yoga & Deep Breathing

  • Promote Happiness, Stillness & to be in the Present Moment

  • Harmonise the Charkas/ Cells/ Brainwaves with the energy levels.

  • Heighten intuition and perception

  • Strengthen Mindfulness Journey

  • Accelerate Spiritual development

  • Enhance Relaxation  & Improve Sleep

  • Reduce stress, mental and emotional negativity

  • Enhance Creativity & Improve Concentration

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I am living in the Sound and the Sound is living in me

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