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7 Tiger Chakra  Bowls

7 Tiger Chakra Bowls


Fully HANDMADE 7 Chakra healing singing bowl with Tige Antique Print. These 7 set chakra bowl is used for chakra healing, for meditation, music, relaxation, personal well being, healing energy and chakra creation etc. These bowls produce produce rich, harmonic and soothing sound that has long reverberate sound. When played together, it produces energetic and vibrating sounds which provides peaceful sound healing and deep relaxation.


Bundle of 7 is perfect for Sound bath as well and great value for money. You can choose to give mindful gift options to your family as per their chakra.


Each singing bowl has different notes as per the chakra below for you information.

These 7 Chakra set has perfect tuning.


1. Root Chakra - Red - C note

2. Sacral Chakra - Orange - D note

3. Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow - E note

4. Heart Chakra - Geen - F note

5. Throat Chakra - Sky Blue - G note

6. Third Eye Chakra - Blue - A note

7. Crown Chakra - Violet- B note.


With 7 chakra set bowls ranges from 17 to 27 cm, you will receive Accessories for free:

💫 7 Handmade Cushions as per Chakra

💫 2 Small wooden stick

💫 2 Medium Leather Stick

💫 3 Red Mallets

Please contact us directly if you want any further queries or dm us for sound test.

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