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Colorful Chakra Gift Set

Colorful Chakra Gift Set


7 Chakra set bowls has different unique sounds and colors.

SINGING BOWL helps you to Relax and Calm with the Soothing Healing Sound and Reduces Stress, Balances your Chakra, Relaxes your Body and Mind, Calm your Nerves. It is used worldwide for prayers, yoga, meditation and spiritual healing. For this set Chakra bowl, Each Sound Bowl is attuned to the specific Chakra

Root (red)- GroundingSacral (orange) - CreativitySolar Plexus (yellow) - JoyHeart (green) - LoveThroat (blue)- PeaceThird Eye (indigo) - IntuitionCrown (purple)- Connection

How to Play Singing Bowl

1.Place the Singing Bowl on your Straight Palm

2. Strike the side of a singing bowl and gently Rub around the Rim with a Mallet

This will generate the resonant sound and create peaceful environment.

Keep in safe dry place to avoid cracks.

Package includes:

7 x Bowl 8cm wide, 5.5cm deep, 240 grams approx. (ea)1 x Wooden Mallet 10.5cm7 x Donut Cushion 7.5 x 1 cm

VALET Gift Box

Weight: 3KG APPROX

Tips on how to practice Sound Meditation with Singing Bowl

1. Sit in a quiet corner.

2. Take a bowl and play it for a few minutes with full focus on your deep breathing.

3. Concentrate on the Sound everytime you are drifted away from your own thoughts.

4. Set your intentions for the day, think about one thing you are grateful for, visualize the light white energy passing into your body.

5. Finish your session with 3 bangs. Thank yourself for taking time to connect with you mind.


Get FREE cushion and STRIKER

Processing Time: 4-5 Days

Shipping Time: 2 to 3 Weeks in New Zealand

1 to 2 weeks in Australia

DELIVERY from Australia and is experiencing longer than usual delivery due to Covid. For delivery in time for Christmas, order by Nov 16th.

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