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Buddha Itching Bowl

Buddha Itching Bowl


Sound is energy, the sound is vibration thus sound of a singing bowl is the most harmonic, beautiful, and effective sound.


With the help of the Sound of the singing bowl, you can have deep relaxation and into meditative zone through soothing and resonance sound and that affects your body on a cellular level. It helps to open up the positive flow of energy in alignment with health. 


Why not give a gift of peace to yourself and your loved ones? Everything is energy, let this energy flow into your mind, body, and soul.

Treat yourself with this Mindfulness Powerful tool to improve your daily habits, overall your health and wellbeing.


Product includes:

1. Singing Bowl

2. Singing Bowl Cushion

3. Leather Mallet/Striker


All made in Nepal, traveled thousands of miles to reach NZ, each of our Singing bowls are as unique as you. 

  • About Itching Singing Bowl

    This Crafted Singing Bowl is one of the ancient Tibetan meditation tools, which can create a peaceful, calming, and relaxing sound. These singing bowls are made using a casting process also known as machine-made bowls.

    They are perfect for beginners who are practicing meditation, very easy to play and have very smooth and nice finishing, also used for religious practice, relaxation, healthcare, and yoga even. Popular Buddist Mantra "Om Mane Padme Hu" makes it extra special you can simply use it as a souvenir from Nepal or gift someone for their mindfulness journey. 

    Medium size = 4.5  inch from Rim

    Depth = 3.5cm

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