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Powerful Mantra To Transform Your Impure Mind, Body & Speech

Inspired by Dalai Lama

OM MANE PADME HUM is a Buddhist Mantra/Prayer that transforms our emotions by repeating the sound.

Buddhist approach is utilised in human intelligence in a maximum way through the transformation of our emotions while other religions mainly through faith, prayer to God to create immensely powerful and wonderful things. Dalai Lama believes that all religions, traditions carry the same message and practice which is love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance and self discipline.

Lord Buddha stated, “ You are your own Master, Your Future entirely depends on Yourself”.

He taught us, Knowledge is a Power and in order to understand human emotions and utilise human intelligence fully. More importantly, we have to know how to use this intelligence in order to utilise at its full potential.

One must understand and know the mental function system and pay more attention to study about the Buddhist system with the understanding about transformation of our mind.

With full knowledge of this Buddhist System and aiming to transform your mind with sincere motivation, then only you can carry dissertation of this Buddhist Mantra which will be very useful for your body, mind and soul.

OM MANA PADME HUM - is made of six syllabus

OM - OM mantra is common in Buddhism and Hinduism and many other different religions.

In Buddhist way, OM represents 3 syllabus A, O, M = BODY, MIND, SPEECH

This further explores two levels as per Dalai Lama.

  1. Impure Level : represents BODY AND MIND level which creates basis of suffering, experience pains and pleasure,

  2. Pure Level: represent SPEECH which transforms all this impure level into pure and pleasant body and mind

These 3 syllabus ,“A, O, M = BODY, MIND, SPEECH”, can be transferred from impure to pure level by using

MANI - represents treasure and infinity altruism.

PADME - represents Wisdom/ the lotus of Compassion

HUM - represent Combination of Altruism and Wisdom

This is the proper way to purify three impure bodies, mind and speech to transform into three pure bodies, mind and speech.

So, when we combined this all six syllabus it means:

“I can transform my impure mind to pure & enlightened one by combining altruism and wisdom”

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