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How to clean your Singing Bowl?

We don't notice but quite often Dust, dirt and oils from your hands can collect on a singing bowl, this may damage its finish and also sunlight can also dull the finish after an extended period of time.

Therefore, your Singing bowl needs to be cleaned from time to time.


3 things you need to know to keep your Singing bowl in a great condition.

➡️ Soft clean cloths

➡️ warm water

➡️ fresh lemon juice


Here are the simple steps you can follow to clean your Singing bowl

✅ Fill a large bowl with warm water and squeeze the juice from a half a lemon into it.

✅Use a clean, soft cloth and soak a tiny part of cloth in the lemon juice water and wipe it off gently inside and outside the bowl (Use white cloth to see the dirt )

✅Use again the moist cloth to rub away any stained or dirty areas of your singing bowl.

✅ Remove all excess moisture. Do not leave watermark, keep it dry. Be sure to be very thorough while cleaning and ensure you remove the lemon juice residue; otherwise, it could damage your bowl.

Make sure you:

🚫 Do not use salt or baking soda

🚫 Do not use chemicals or store bought cleaners aren't appropriate for singing bowls

🚫 Do nor put in direct sunlight too

TRY TO USE ALL natural cleaner.


Hope you like this tips to take care of your singing bowl, please comment below of you have tried this simple tricks.


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