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UninstallPKG 1.1.7

UninstallPKG 1.1.7: A Powerful Tool to Remove Packages from Your Mac

If you are looking for a way to completely remove unwanted packages and their installed contents from your Mac, you might want to check out UninstallPKG 1.1.7, a handy application that can help you reclaim precious disk space and keep your system clean and organized.

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UninstallPKG is an application that allows you to uninstall so-called "packages" (file-extension .pkg) and all their installed contents from your Mac. Packages are usually used by software installers to distribute and install applications, drivers, plugins, fonts, and other components on your Mac. However, sometimes you may want to get rid of these packages and their associated files, either because you no longer use them, or because they are taking up too much space, or because they are causing problems or conflicts with other software.

UninstallPKG makes it easy to find and remove packages from your Mac. You can browse through the list of installed packages, sort them by name, size, date, or location, and select the ones you want to uninstall. UninstallPKG will then show you all the files and folders that belong to the selected packages, and let you choose which ones you want to delete. You can also search for packages by name or keyword, or filter them by category (such as system packages, application packages, or developer packages).

One of the great features of UninstallPKG is that it can uninstall system packages without disabling System Integrity Protection (SIP), a security feature that prevents unauthorized modifications to system files and folders. SIP is enabled by default on macOS 10.11 El Capitan and later versions, and it can prevent some packages from being uninstalled by normal means. UninstallPKG can bypass this restriction by using a special helper tool that runs with elevated privileges and can remove system packages without affecting SIP.

Another useful feature of UninstallPKG is that it can remove generated files that are created by the applications or components that are installed by the packages. These files may include caches, preferences, logs, temporary files, or other data that are not part of the original package installation. UninstallPKG can detect these files and offer to delete them as well, ensuring a thorough and complete uninstallation.

UninstallPKG 1.1.7 is the latest version of the application as of October 2019. It provides initial compatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina, improved security through notarization, hardened runtime and helper-tool authentication, fixed erroneous reporting about deleted generated files, context-menu to reveal in Finder also works in Uninstall view now, fixed display issues related to package size and preferences, and other minor bug fixes and improvements.

If you want to download UninstallPKG 1.1.7, you can get it from the official website or from MacUpdate. The application is free to use for 10 days, after which you need to purchase a license for $9.99. UninstallPKG requires macOS 10.10 Yosemite or later, and supports both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

UninstallPKG is a powerful and versatile tool that can help you remove unwanted packages from your Mac with ease and efficiency. Whether you want to uninstall applications, drivers, plugins, fonts, or other components, UninstallPKG can handle them all and free up valuable disk space on your Mac.


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