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Amazing Noises €? Grain Scanner V1.1 ALP Ableton

Amazing Noises - Grain Scanner v1.1 ALP Ableton

Grain Scanner is a granular synthesizer and re-synthesizer that lets you design experimental noises, glitchy effects, alien textures and massive clouds of ambience. It is a Max for Live device that works with Ableton Live 10 or later. It was created by Amazing Noises, a company that specializes in sound design tools and libraries for musicians and producers.


How does Grain Scanner work?

Grain Scanner works by chopping any sample into small slices, called grains, and playing them back in a multitude of ways. You can control the size, shape, pitch, pan, volume and position of the grains, as well as modulate them with four LFOs and a step sequencer. You can also apply effects such as filter, delay, reverb and distortion to the output signal.

Grain Scanner has 10 voices of polyphony, which means you can play up to 10 notes at the same time. Each voice has its own granular engine, which can play up to 1000 grains simultaneously. You can also layer different samples on each voice, creating complex and rich sounds.

What can you do with Grain Scanner?

Grain Scanner is a versatile and creative tool that can be used for a variety of musical purposes. You can use it to:

  • Create original synth sounds from any sample, such as vocals, instruments, noises or field recordings.

  • Transform existing sounds into new textures and atmospheres.

  • Add movement and modulation to static or boring sounds.

  • Generate glitchy and chaotic effects for sound design or experimental music.

  • Create ambient and cinematic pads and drones.

Grain Scanner is also designed to work well with Push and other keyboard controllers, so you can easily play melodies and harmonies with your own sounds. You can also use the Key Follow feature to add depth and expression to your performances.

What are the features of Grain Scanner?

Grain Scanner has many features that make it a powerful and flexible granular synthesizer. Some of the main features are:



Sample Library

The Pack comes with more than 100 presets to play with, and a database of dozens of source sounds ready to be bent, twisted and transformed. You can also import your own samples to create a completely personal sound.

Granular Engine

The core of Grain Scanner is the granular engine, which allows you to manipulate the grains in various ways. You can adjust the grain size, density, shape, pitch, pan, volume and position, as well as randomize them for more organic results.

Voice Layering

You can layer up to four samples on each voice, creating complex sounds from simple sources. You can also crossfade between the layers using the XY pad or the modulation sources.

Modulation System

Grain Scanner has a dedicated modulation page that features four LFOs with various waveforms and modes. You can modulate each of the 10 voices individually or modulate the global parameters with up to four modulation sources at once.